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From Apple’s way, Samsung is taking an important step forward

Samsung exynos

From Apple’s way, Samsung is taking an important step forward

South Korea-based technology giant Samsung is using either its own smartphones, Exynos or Snapdragon processors.
The company, which has invested heavily on the processor side, seems to be transferring it to the graphics side as well.

According to the latest information, Samsung is developing its own GPU for smartphones.
The company that uses ARM financial graphics units in its own Exynos processors wants to be independent on this side like Apple.
Apple knows that the year we passed has declared its independence on the GPU side and ended its dependence on the outsider with the processor.
Samsung, who is going to go this way, is supposed to position the first GPUs at the entrance level.
The company, which is said to want to gain experience in the field with low-power GPUs, seems to be on the flagship level later on. It seems like a sensible strategy,
but then the next-generation GPU will be working on a larger scale.
There is no driver, that is, autonomous tools and machine learning / artificial intelligence infrastructures are mentioned.

Why is this important for Samsung?

The fact that a company uses its own CPU and GPU units on the phone really brings a lot of benefits.
At the very beginning of these are high optimizations. Firmalar infrastructure can integrate hardware and software much better when they are.
As a result, they can produce devices that offer higher performance by consuming less energy.  That is very good for the end user.

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