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Vue.js 2 – Introduction and Installation


Vue Js – Introduction and Installation

What is Vue.js?

It’s a front-end framework. We can use this framework to create Javascript driven applications for the wesites. It uses Javascript all of this code can be ru in the browser. There is no need to reach out a server to reload pages or to load other pages.

It is very similar to Reac.js or Angular. So what makes Vue.js 2 a bit different? First of all it is very lean. It’s about 16kb the product version. It is loads really quickly and It’s also going very high real time performance. Despite that, It still maintains a lot of the features.

How to install Vue.js the easy way?

I’m going to show you how to install of Vue.js the easy way using CDN a content delivery network.

We are using to install of Vue.js with the vue-cli and webpack. Webpack is what we typically do for a larger application we’re going to dive deeper into components review files and templates.
You can use any IDE for developing Vue.js projects. I’m using Atom Ide and sometimes Visual Studio Code IDE.

If you want to downloa, here;

They are these two you can download them for free.

Install Vue.js 2

I’m going to go Vue.js introduction and installation page;

If you go to CDN option, It’s recommend a link to you. Go to this link;

Then go to IDE (Atom, Visual Studio Code…) and add new file named index.html.

We are writing html codes and add script tag, set src to Vue.js cdn link (

<script src=””></script>

It is easy to get started. I’m going to create also new file named style.css. We’re going to use this file for added css to html codes. It’s so pretty.

For this lesson, we are ready to develop our web project.

Here is index.html file;


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